2020 Reset

Radio silence would be the best way to describe lujo bar’s ‘presence’ over the last six months. So, I thought I’d take the time to give you guys an update and introduce some of the new things you can expect as part of our #2020Reset. Go grab a cup of coffee or tea. I’ll be here with a good read once you get back.

One thing you may have noticed, is that I speak in We’s when I talk about lujo bar because it very much is a team effort keeping this thing going. So many people have put their hands and hearts on this dream of mine and they make up the team many of our customers have come to know from meeting us at corporate pop-ups, sip n’ shops and festivals. Yet, we’re still in a stage that most of the day-to-day grind falls in my wheelhouse - currently making me the CEO and janitor.

With that said, navigating the Pandora’s Box that has been 2020 has been exhausting. The daily digest of hate, violence, deceit and death mixed in with the real-time uncertainty caused by lockdowns, event cancellations, supplier closings and out-of-stock dates stretching into next year became overwhelming to say the least.

Life has taught me that when confronted with a situation you have no idea what to do with the best course of action is often to do nothing. Sounds counterintuitive, but I’ve come to learn that the things that are most important to our journey have a way of breaking through uncertainty to deliver whatever message leads us to our next step. So I chose to take a pause to allow myself the opportunity to reflect and reconnect to all the people and things that are most important to me; while patiently waiting for some clarity and inspiration on how lujo bar might reemerge post-virus.

So now that we’re back (…me. I’m back) - I’m excited to share with you what’s new on the horizon, how as a brand we intend to show up in this landscape and what can be expected from us moving forward. Although all of our in-person events have been postponed or cancelled through the end of 2020, it hasn’t stopped us from thinking of creative new ways to see and communicate with all your beautiful faces.

We’re Going All In Online!

  1. Providing you with a personal shopping experience is everything. That’s why we’ve launched our Virtual Shopping Sessions! Send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook to schedule your VSS and we’ll set an appointment to video chat you into our workshop to browse inventory, ask questions and check out with a personal shopper.
  1. Being apart isn’t easy and getting your lujo bar fix has been even harder. That’s why in October we’ll be doing a soft launch of our first monthly subscription box. Sign up for our newsletter and be one of the first to know when it hits the site.
  1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly updates, behind the scenes footage and exclusive promos.
  1. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and show us how you’re enjoying your current lujo bar picks! Use #ShoweredWithLove for a chance to be featured on our feed.
  1. Subscribe and watch us on YouTube. The lujo bar channel is the newest addition to our social media presence. Subscribe and watch as we document the growth of the company and the lujo bar community and share How It’s Made videos, our SelfCare series, new project announcements and the occasional random coffee break. 

If you know me at all – this last one here – being on YouTube – is so far out of my box I get a little queasy every time I talk about it, but if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that comfort is no longer an option - it’s time to be nimble and adapt!


That’s all for now! Let me know  in the comments below what you think of our new LB blog and share any ideas you have on ways for us  to stay connected.


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