lujo bar Selected As GDUSA American Package Design Awardee


At the start of 2021, after a year of standstill – we wanted to come out of the gate fresh, with only our best formulations and a laser focused mission that our community could get behind.

Our work with MSLK, Inc., a beauty branding agency in New York City, began with the product packaging redesign of the lujo bar shower steamer collection. Together we sifted through the challenges of the existing packaging to create a sustainable, zero plastics product packaging solution that emulates the shower steamer through an abstract depiction of one in use.

3 Facts About Our New Product Packaging

  • We print the cartons on FSC certified board meaning the mill trees have been sustainably and responsibly sourced from the world's forests.
  • We nixed ALL the plastic! Now our steamers remain fresh in hand wrapped, color coordinated foil.
  • We added punch-outs so you can easily take in the aroma without having to open the package.

We are so grateful to have been in partnership with the MSLK team. What an amazing experience it has been! Reflecting on the past year, so much of how lujo bar has grown is rooted in the work we have done together. MSLK has been a champion of the vision and graciously guided our company on all of the necessary components of brand building for retail success. 

Through this work, lujo bar has been selected as a 2022 GDUSA American Package Design Awardee. The GDUSA 59th Anniversary American Package Design Awards™ is one of the fastest growing national graphic design competitions. This annual program celebrates attractive graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of effective design to advance the brand promise and to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.

It is because of our amazing community that we are able to do this work MSLK, Inc. and we are so very grateful for your support! Thank you for helping us continue to do the good work of showering the world with love through sustainable practices that champion people and wellness.

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