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I ordered the shower tablets, which not only smelled fantastic, but helped alleviate some congestion. I love the smell and feel of the pear and champagne soap- plus the gold swirls are so pretty! But I am OBSESSED with my bonus gift of the sweet and silky lip butter!! It’s so light and smooth and i love the smell and feel of it. I’ll definitely be shopping here again!

Cathy - Meriden, Connecticut

I have been using lujo beard balm for over a year and I LOVE it. It makes my beard feel soft and smell great…both things that make my wife very happy! I highly recommend it!

Eric - New Haven, Connecticut 

I’ve supported Lujo bar for around 2 years now but recently I became even more impressed!! For whatever reason, my lips have been dry (flaky, cracked, chapped) for almost a month. This has never happened. After around 3 weeks of consistent use of 3 other major brands, I ordered a lujo bar lip sugar scrub and replenished my lip butter. I used the lip scrub 2 mornings in a row plus the lip butter through the day. After day 2, my lips r no longer dry, cracked, itchy, etc.... so so sooooo happy!! 
Rosemary - Middletown, Connecticut

After a couple of years of trying various Lujo Bar products, I use virtually nothing else these days! I wash my face every night with the creamy Coconut Naranja soap and follow that with Rose & Neroli facial serum. This combo leaves my face and neck feeling silky. The lip balm is super-rich and great to use in both winter and summer. And the body products leave my skin sooooo happy! The simple ingredients in the Coco Avena naked soap, the Argan and Tamanu shave butter, the sugar scrubs and the body polishes are all part of my skin care regimen. Thank you, Lujo Bar!!

Frances - New Haven, Connecticut

I love, love, love the face serum! Not only does it leave my skin super soft and glowing, it has a beautiful rose scent. The many soap scents and body sugars are wonderfully luxurious! My nephew raves about the shower steamers and my sister asked for more of the face serum - she loves it! Thanks Lujo Bar!

Mari -  New Haven, Connecticut

Lujo Bar is my favorite everything! From their body polish, to face serums, and lips butters - my body glows and stays moisturized from head to toe! 

Talia - New Haven, Connecticut

The Tamanu & Hemp shaving oil with the shave cream is my favorite! This combo leaves a really smooth close shave. Guys — Use the oil as a pre-shave, then the creamy soap to lather. Also love the shower steamers in the morning to go to work — they really wakes up the senses. Love lujo bar! 
John - New Haven, Connecticut
I absolutely love Lujo Bar shower steamers along with the facial oil Rosa & Neroli. The facial oil keeps my skin soft and moisturized. Especially during the winter months. I also found that the Peppermint shower steamer helped clear my sinuses as I recovered from the flu. Keep up the good work! 
Maria - New Haven, Connecticut

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